I heard a book speak today, the book being a human, a human with a story – the story of her life. The book is incomplete as yet, because there will be many more experiences in the future, but for now this is her story. The story goes like-

Her birth gave the joy of parenthood to her parents. Her parents were grateful to have such a lovely and outgoing child, she attended a convent school for the early years of schooling. School was all fun and lively with her girl squad, she thoroughly enjoyed their company and in no time the hearts had connected and the bond had become stronger. Everything was going so well, but let’s not forget that this is a real life story, and life isn’t always merry and joyous; it is like a road, it has bumps, cracks and obstacles; she faced one such obstacle when she had to change her school. 

She was sad to leave her friends and go to this completely unknown place, but she was prepared for it, she was going to make friends and she was going to gel up, sadly she didn’t. She felt like an outcast there. The environment was completely different from her previous school, there she was used to being with her girls and here she had to face a whole different gender of human race, the boys. She didn’t like the similarity that everyone had, in terms of their cultural and social backgrounds, everyone had the same type of diet, the same type of festivals, the same type of attire, the same type of habits and she wasn’t like them, hence she was the only one who was “different”. This made almost everyone judge her for being “different” and not like them. She dressed the way she wanted, the vibrancy she had as a person, she portrayed it in her fashion but sadly her fashion wasn’t trendy enough, nor was it sophisticated enough according to the people. In this mess of people judging her she made two best friends, the only two people she felt comfortable around, but again life had to use its magical curse and both of them had to leave the school, the country, actually the whole continent altogether. 

After their departure, she started having trust issues, she couldn’t get close to anyone, because she feared of them drifting away from her right when she needed them the most. Drastically her vibrant and outgoing personality started fading and she became silent and mostly kept to herself. She felt suffocated in that school, she felt like she couldn’t be who she really is and she knew she was going to be the hot topic to talk about and made fun of. Nevertheless, she never stopped trying to gel up with the other people of the school, because she knew she had to survive few more years of school alone, and eventually by the end of the school she did sort of “fit in” among the crowd. Right then, school was done and it was time to step into this big world of Junior college. 

She was rather glad that school was over and she could finally breathe now that she was in Xaviers. She loved the open minded, non judgmental and outgoing people. She finally could wear her vibrancy along with her. She could talk openly, she could share her thoughts, she could finally do whatever she wanted to do without caring about the people around her. She finally was being herself, others were finally seeing the real her.  

Like I said the book is sort of incomplete, for she’s still 18 and has yet to live her life. Reading her story I hope we become the most vibrant we can be.


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